About Me

Milly Kelly ConsultingI started off my writing career by obtaining a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Since then I have become a published journalist, a blogger and fiction writer, but first and foremost I specialise in helping businesses with their communication strategies. My services include writing blogs, newsletters, advertising materials and press releases. I also manage social media sites, provide copywriting and website editing as well as PR and event services – little bit of SEO in there as well.

I have experience in a variety of different businesses; every company needs an online presence and it’s my job to ensure that this presence represents you and your business perfectly and is working to your advantage and progression at all times. Most of my clients are Sole Traders or SMEs who have so far been navigating the world of communications alone and are finding that their increasing work load is causing their online presence to fall by the wayside, or that after trying it on their own at first they now feel lost in this ever changing online world. Either way, I’m here to help.

Apart from my passion for writing, I also love knitting, sewing, cats and sherry – I’ve the soul of an old lady but the spirit of a Thoroughly Modern Milly.


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