Why I Decided to go Freelance

I’ve written so many blogs for other businesses’ websites and now I’m writing one for my own business website – it feels really really nice! Well to be honest every blog I’ve written has felt nice, which is really why I decided to be a freelance writer and marketer. For a long time I really felt the need to be fully in charge of my own life so eventually I took a deep breath, quit my job and stepped off into the unknown. That was very nearly eight months ago now and I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been. I now have a few regular clients and two ongoing contracts and every Sunday night instead of dreading Monday morning I’m genuinely excited to get to work – I’m not going to lie, it’s a weird feeling, but a good one!

working from home, home officeWorking from home, my home office

So nearly eight months on I’m doing really well but I’ve now decided to up the anti and get my own website up and running, my personal blog Milldew is where it all started but this website is a place for me to showcase my work and engage with current, new and potential clients.

working from home with catshome office, working from home

So the unknown into which I stepped is pretty much exactly what I hoped it would be, I’m in charge of my own life and my own time. Instead of having bosses I have clients and partners with whom I have built really great working relationships. Each morning I sit down in my little home office, often with one or both of my two cats (Gustav and Nunney – incase you were wondering), and among much writing, typing, creating and cups of tea I find that I am incredibly happy. Also, elevensies has become a markedly improved snack experience, as any followers on my Instagram will know (it’s the little things).

home office elenvensiesdesk snacks

elevensies when working from homeSo that’s why I decided to launch into the world of self-employment! Wish me luck with the next part of my freelance adventure! Oh yeh, and hire me, that would be awesome, thanks.



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