Biggest Misconception About What Social Media Means for Businesses

I wanted to do a blog post about the biggest misconception about social media for businesses that I come across as a social media marketer and how to combat it in thought and practise.

So here it is:

Twitter is for flogging your business! 

In my opinion this couldn’t be further from the truth. Social media is, as the title implies, for being social and one wouldn’t make any social connections by going up to strangers and telling them all about your work or product and how it would undoubtedly benefit them, even if you’re meeting them at networking events. I think you meet people and make acquaintances, business connections and (eventually) friends by being friendly and interesting and curious to know all about others.

For me, social media and indeed any businesses’ online presence is all to do with giving your company the palpable personality it already has by virtue of being yours (well done you!). Of course clients and customers would get to know that in time when they decide to give you their business, however, social media is a way of displaying this personality from the off and therefore probably improving not only the number of clients and customers but their quality also. If they know more about the way you work from the very beginning of the working relationship they will undoubtedly be a more loyal and longterm client of yours because it was the connections between your two business personalities that led to the fruition of the working relationship.

Of course it’s only polite to inform any prospective clients of any special offers or great business news you have going on, but to talk solely of that will if anything , ensure their disengagement from you on social media.

So my advice would be to not constantly tweet, Facebook, Pinterest, etc links to your business with information about how great it is, or what products are available, but to tweet, Facebook, etc, about things that made you giggle, or appeal to you on a personal level, or things of interest like changes in your industry. Pretend that you’re not typing but just showing a friend something you saw that amused, interested or even (when the occasion calls for it) outraged you. These posts are likely to get far more engagement and engagement by like-minded social media users more likely to turn to your business off the back of your interesting social media usage, and be more likely to be longterm customers because of the like-mindedness that bought you together.

How to be yourself on social media


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