Five Reasons Why…

…I Love Living in Cardiff!

I was born and brought up in Cardiff but when I moved to Switzerland at age 18 I didn’t think I’d be moving back here for a long time, if ever. However, skip ahead eight years and here I am, happily settled in this beautiful capital city! I’m very proud of my home town so I thought I’d list a few reasons why!

  1. (This is perhaps the most important one) I own a house here! I used to live in Bath and then Bristol and both are completely wonderful cities to live in, however, if I ever wanted to actually own my own stack of bricks and mortar I knew I would some day have to move. Now I have my first lovely little house, which I’m incredibly happy in – good job really because it serves as my office too!
  2. Number one brings me rather nicely on to point two, which is that I can afford to really enjoy this city (even as a self-employed person!). When I lived in Bristol I loved the whole buzz of the city, however what with the high cost of living and all, I could seldom afford to partake in it. Cardiff has recently been listed as one of the top cities in the UK for quality of life and the ratio of salary and living costs is great here – there is also so much going on and now I can actually afford to partake in it all!
  3. Again, my previous point leads me very smoothly on to my next: this is a vibrant city with so much happening. There is never a moment when my husband and I can’t think of anything fun to do. There are seasonal festivals in the area I live, there are pop-up cinema nights here and all over the city, I find there is always something interesting going on down the bay, we are lucky enough to have some amazing cultural facilities; beautiful museums; great music venues and theatres; a wonderful national orchestra as well as the WNO and the pubs – all the PUBS!  I could go on and on and on and on…
  4. The people here are so friendly! Having lived elsewhere in the UK and Europe I can honestly say that this is the friendliest place I’ve ever resided. I get a bit shocked when I go elsewhere and find that the person I’m buying my sandwich off at lunch doesn’t return my chatty conversation. I love that I get to know a little (or in some cases a lot!) about everyone I come across throughout my day, it really makes a difference.
  5. It’s my home! Even when I lived away and thought I was going to remain on the other side of the bridge (fool), whenever I drove across it I felt this lovely sensation – a feeling of being instantly more comfortable, of being welcomed back into my homeland (I’m going to burst into song any minute now). I think it’s a feeling of true belonging. I could not be happier that I’m back here for good and that I’ve made it the base of my growing business!


What is it that you love about South Wales?



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