Weekly Blogs

I do apologise for not having put up a blog for a couple of weeks, I have unfortunately not been very well because of that whole ‘Something’s Going Around’ season. I was stricken down with a nasty cold and then as soon as I started feeling better I contracted food poisoning – because I’m lucky like that.

One of the benefits from working for yourself and from home is that if you can’t drag yourself to your desk, you can drag your laptop to your bed and work from there (hygienic). However, this does mean that all energies go on client work and the first thing to fall by the wayside was my own business things; website, social media, etc. So for the first time I found myself with the exact same predicament as my clients!

I’ve been really annoyed that I haven’t been able to put up a blog for two weeks because I know only too well how important it is. My stats speak for themselves. I work from WordPress so there’s this very useful little scale of visitation at the top left hand side of the window every time I look at my website, when I’m putting up regular blogs it’s a nice little up and down pattern of visits but the past two weeks – barren.

And it’s not just getting visits to my website but my SEO too. Google really respects regularly refreshed content when it comes to websites but of course you can’t just try changing the wording of your home page every couple of weeks so it says the exact same thing but in a different way (can anyone say Thesaurus?), which is where your blog comes in. With a blog you can ensure that your website has the kind of engaging, regularly updated content that Google looks for when deciding your Search Engine ranking. It can also set you apart as an authority in your field. However, as I can now sympathise, in the depth of your growing ‘To Do’ list, this doesn’t really seem like a good enough reason to sack off looming deadlines and client meetings for a good couple of hours arranging and writing a month of blogs for your website. Which is where I come in!

I’m not going to go ahead and plug all that I can do because that’s not what blogs are for either, suffice to say, I can take the task off your hands. With the extra time you can get on with other work…or go and watch the rugby…yeh that’ll be watching the rugby then.

Rugby World Cup 2015
All ye might God of rugby, shine your light of victory down on us this weekend. Amen.

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