My Week in Sport & in Business!

This week has so far been a good week! I had a meeting on Monday with an ongoing client and meeting on Tuesday with a new one!

I’m also training for the Cardiff 10k in September, I hate running so this is no mean feat. I’m doing two miles so far, don’t laugh if your average run is a 7k because I’m really trying here!

My new clients and my running ambitions sort of go hand in hand because I seem to be getting more and more clients in the sporting industry, which is great because I may be a terrible runner but I do love sport in general, and working with National Governing Bodies for over five years now has given me a really clear understanding of the challenges that those in the sport industry face, whether it be restrictions caused by funding, widening participation, disability in Sport, doping and Performance Enhancing Drugs, changes in sport legislation, youth participation or grassroots level activity.

In my work with NGBs and other sporting businesses I have found that digital marketing is a hugely cost effective way of over coming any and all of these challenges, but I would say that because I am a digital marketing! So if you want to find out for yourself, then give me a call, let’s have a chat about your sporting business, I’d love to hear your story!


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