Bound for Bormio

Last week I couldn’t put anything up because I was working in Bormio, Italy. Not my normal day job as I was helping ski club, Dragons Alpine Racing, with their camp to the English Alpine Championships 2016.



I was assisting with the training and racing of the Under 10s and Under 12 age group – the minis! I’m normally out at events under my professional capacity in Digital Marketing and Comms, which involves a lot of standing around at the top and bottom of races, waiting to interview the winner, waiting for the right photo opportunity, ducking and diving in and out of restaurants in search of a wifi connection, and all in all I love it, however, I can’t deny that it was good to have my skis and boots back on!


Despite the early mornings and late nights, the general sense that I could use a good day in bed, I actually feel really energised. I got back on Sunday and being happily self-employed and all, I was planning a big lie-in on Monday morning but actually I woke up very early and completely ready for the whole week ahead. I gave my much-missed cat a quick cuddle, went and got myself a cup of tea and got down to business, my leisurely lie-in a distant memory!


One thing that I learned this week is that a lot of the time, to get a job done and to have a good experience in the process, it is vital to let go. Let go of what people think of you, let go of the constant worry that you’re not doing a good enough job and start focusing on just doing the job at hand to the very best of your ability, trusting in your ability and just enjoying the ride. Last week I found myself standing in a start gate, in front of a lot of people I’ve known for years and who’s opinions of me I’ve cared about for years, yelling a silly mantra I came up with in training that the kids I was working with completely loved and asked me if I would do in the start gate, so I did and I completely got over the initial embarrassment I felt, the kids did really well in the race and I discovered a new sense of happiness and freedom that comes from trusting in your instincts and letting go.


It was a wonderful week, I did a good job, I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back next year! Another lesson in confidence that being self-employed has taught me, it’s been a year and I’m still learning and I don’t think I will ever stop…



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