Well It’s Been A While

Oh dear Lord it has been far too long, I am great at blogging for my clients and terrible at blogging for myself!

I’ve been busy learning and working, working and learning. I think I’ve got working from home down to a fine art now! I’m very strict with my timetable, I regularly organise and reorganise my work space to make sure it’s clear of clutter but has just the right amount of inspiration as well as hidden snacks!


I’ve also been focusing on my own writing as well as my client contracts, getting published and even refreshing my Creative Writing & English Literature degree by enrolling in a continued learning novel writing class.

2016-09-16_1340592563543180843 2016-03-20_1210163994878158969

As the pictures suggest I believe that learning or developing new skills can be really good for your health, especially for your mental health so as the nights draw in and outdoor pursuits aren’t as much of an option I’ll be knitting, writing about knitting and trying to write some sort of novel – trying being the operative word here. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes!


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